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Episode #12 of the SpyGasm reality show!

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Dear friends!

We are glad to present you the 12th episode of SpyGasm!

As always, we are going to show you the hottest ins and outs of our participants' personal life! Find out the details of Kevin's relationship with Tanya, who still misses Devils Kos. Learn more about Justin and Naomi's first sex in the presence of others. Share Rene and Becky's joy of winning the Cuckold video contest!
And don't miss the most interesting moments! Aleksa's neighborship with Grant and Mia; Kira's nervous breakdowns and her conflicts with Seb; Romeo and Vicky's opinion of what is happening in their apartment; Mateo and Tasha's plans to win the main prize – watch this and much more in the 12th episode of the SpyGasm reality show!

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