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Episode #14 of the SpyGasm reality show!

13.12.2018 2.4K views 1 0 comments

Dear friends!

The new long episode of SpyGasm presents an overview of two Halloween parties at once – at Romeo, Vicky, Justin and Naomi's, as well as at Seb, Kira, Kevin and Amelia's.

In addition, Selina will tell us about parting with Russel while he, in turn, will share his impressions of living with Grace. John and Emily will talk about their meeting with Ella, whereas Andreas and Caren will discuss Justin and Naomi.
Romeo and Vicky will talk about the practice of group sex. Mark and Trish will comment on the relationship with Ella, who will also express her opinion about the conflict that happened.
Quarrels of Grant and Mia, Seb and Kira's neighborship with Kevin and his wife Amelia, Tanya's discourse on masturbation, and an interview with English-speaking Tasha and Mateo – all of this and even more awaits you in the 14th episode of the SpyGasm reality show!

Enjoy watching and leave comments about what you saw :)
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