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Episode #18 of the SpyGasm reality show!

14.12.2018 1.5K views 1 0 comments

Dear friends!

The 18th episode of SpyGasm is devoted to the review of the Friday party at Justin and Naomi, Andreas and Caren's.

Apart from that, you will get an insight into the conflict between John and Ciri, his flirting with Ella, and sex with Tanya. Emily will tell you how open relationship affects her.
Ciri will admit she lacks male attention and reveal the details of the quarrel with John. Kevin will announce reconciliation with his wife, while Selina will claim his affection towards her is mutual.
Ella will express the emotions from Melanie's arrival, whereas Tanya will share the impressions of meeting Rodger. In the final, you are in for an interview about Wolf and Jane's return to the project and their neighborship with Tanya.

Watch the 18th episode now – don't miss the main details of the SpyGasm heroes' personal lives! Write comments and chat with the participants!

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